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Toxic rockin info

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Hello, and welcome to the toxic rockin info page.

Toxic: the formation.

It was a quiet day in the union of sunny Glamorgan, four strange men sipped stale beer and talked nonsense. 'We should start a band' said strange man number 1. 'Ok' said the rest of them.

And it was done.

A few days later, four men, and four guitars piled in to the new toxic headquarters, aka, 'the palace'. After a couple of hours tuning up, a song began to form...

'What shall we write about?'

'Uh, how about a cold donkey?'


And it was done, the greatest song ever written sprang to life and frolicked in the parks, riding its bike through the trees and crying in the snow.

1 year on, practicing every week, battle of the bands was announced. We entered, we rocked, didnt win, left. Ace!

The year after things were looking bad for toxic, 2 members left, one headed north for beer, one headed south in search of females, but the force of toxic never died.

Finally, toxic were reunited in a fancy studio, with a new drummer and ready to rock.

Toxic rocked from 7pm to 9am and the album was done.

That concludes the first chapter of the life of toxic, please, email us, ask for a copy of the album, and rest assured...that this rock we've produced, is a rock worth hearing. A rock so fresh, you could bathe in it. A rock, so rockin, you could rock 24/7 all week, and still want more.

It's a toxic rock.

Gin, Tonic, ROCK!


Toxic Flammable Gas Mixture