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Meet the Band

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Badman: Crazy northern vocals supplier and rhythm guitar maestro. Currently M.I.A somewhere oop north. Likes Beer, guitar, monkeys and ska.

Equipment: Epiphone Zephyr Regent, Laney Amp, Zoom 605 FX

2005 toxic flammable gas mixture


Bandy: Bass meister general and godlike vocals. Currently training for Mr Olympia 2006 whilst on curry eating world tour. Likes Guiness and pretending to be Irish.

Equipment: Cort Curbow 6 Bass, Hartke VX3500 Amp.


Beno: Lead guitar and provider of nursery rhyme soloing skills. Currently researching advanced methods of curry detection. Likes Gibson Flying V's, Lambo's and Kingfisher.

Equipment: New Guitar! Gibson Flying V 67 re issue, Peavey Classic 50, Zoom 505 FX, Digitech DF7.

The Judi are coming...


Thanks to Tom for providing recording equipment and for his expertise in the mixing arena.

Big yourself up Tom.