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Want to comment on the music? Or maybe ask the band a question? Just post your ramblings in the comment boxes and we will get back to you on this page!

For details of how to buy the new album, ask us here!

Toxic's reply
Josh wild
Donkey rocks! how did u ever come up with it?!
lots of orangeboom, and pure inspiration. just let the story flow from the heart...
weird? in a good way though
mainstream we aint...
nick 007
my fav is stoned, good to chill to
please, never shave while stoned, its dangerous
Davey boy
this sucks
wonderous and funky, grants not fees rocks hard!
Bandy is running for prime minister next time, and we shall ban these fees!
more pictures of the band please!
look out for more pics soon
Will Davis
rock on
rock on to you too!
Bandy used to me my husband, before he became a professional lover... anyway, good luck getting a record deal guys!
its all true, bandy has turned pro, so guys, hold on to ur ladies!
when is some more music gonna be on the site?
The latest single 'Its a Day' has just been added to the site as a FREE download! Check it out!
i pissed myself when i heard donkey
nice, we aim to please
not sure if this is comedy rock really, the tracks are too diverse to call it 'rock', but hey, i like it!
you can call it what you like, as long as your happy man
id like to hear some metal from this band, that would be a laugh
we're recording some heavier tracks soon, and yes, they are a laugh!
Dixon Juket
your music is cool do you have anymore songs? when is the site up dated? do you guys gig?
toxic has loads of songs written and another recording session lined up soon, the results of which will be on the site shortly! and yes, were currently gigging around wales! we try to keep the site updated weekly.
Helen marlsbury
would you consider selling an album online, id buy one!
thanks! if there is enough demand then yes we would! if anyone else is interested, use the comment box to let us know! keep rockin out with toxic!

Craig Kain

Where can I buy the album then? and what is the track listing? If you didnt guess I think your music is cool. Where up north is badman from Manchester!!!(rule) Forgot to say your drumming is #*$* !! get it sorted

Production of the album for sale is underway, check the site for details. Track listing will be posted soon. Badman is from Huddersfield and loves manchester! Studio drummer gareth
has been sacked and replaced with a legendary drummer!

Nick (craigs mate)

When you guys gigging?

We're taking a break from gigs at the mo, whilst we sort out recording the album. There are a few gigs lined up for june/july though, details will be on the site.

Alan Boyd

How long have you guys been together?

It all started about 4 years ago, over many drinks...

Mr smelly square pants

I just listen to your latest song... It was ok. Where can I
buy a goat?

Cheers. Check out for rock bottom prices on a huge selection of all things goat...


Bandy is hot.... I would like to get some piece of that
meat!!!! when are they coming to exeter next? I cant wait to stalk bandy!!!!!

Bandy will be available for one night only in mid June. Tickets are through sealed bids only, details coming soon. Happy Bandy lovin!


Its a day is cool, love the lyrics! please hurry up with some more songs or an album, and any more pics of bandy?

Glad you like its a day, katy. The countdown is on now till the album is finished, patience! As for the pics, watch this space!


Just doing some revision and found this site. (strange) Love
your music any gigs in bristol?

Well hope you enjoyed your 'revision', with toxic! Upcoming gigs will be posted on the site.

Want to hear it!

when is the album out? How much will it be? How do I buy it?

Expected release date is june/july 2005. It will be well worth whatever it costs! As for the how, details will be on the site by june/july time. Keep rockin!

cluster and eno

no comment

Very diplomatic.


You should put more stuff on the site, like more band info, and old gig photos and stuff, that would be cool!

Excellent idea, we'll see what we can do! Hope you've enjoyed the content so far, spread the word, lets get these free downloads circulating globally!


I think this is just great...I wish I was friends with the
donkey guy - he sounds great. Well done - remember to let me know if you gets famous. Oh and I think bandy is a great name ;-)

Thanks Pippa, the donkey guy is indeed an excellent dude, he did what he had to do... Ultimate fame should be just around the corner, our PR people will contact you!

no no

Do you guys ever up date?

Are you elmo's brother?


Get some pics on the site, I wanna see the band!

We'll see waht we can do. Badman is worried about stalkers though, after an incident involving 6 crazed women, 2 policemen, several pork chops and a stolen horse...


Any release date yet lads? or gig dates

The Album release has been pushed back slightly, and is now anticipated to be around July/August time. We'll keep ypu posted!

that is not us

repeat that is not us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok then big fella... easy on the monkey juice! we're not all out to get you?


I have photos. I know who you are...

Ah... another loyal toxic fan, this time with a tendency for blackmail! Glad you could make it to a gig! Keep rockin.

Evelyn Wade

Where is this albumn then, were way over early summer now? and please update the site more!

The album has been delayed due to the 'incident' reported on our homepage. Apologies for the lack of site develpoment recently, blame the webmaster!


we are now in the summer, where's the album toxic dudes?

delayed due to delays.

dave and bob

hello, just found this site, weird... but appreciate the free music! nice one! more please!

cheers dave and bob! There will be a new album out soon (when the band work through their artistic problems), and its gonna rock!


I could only play "it's a day" (mp3 goodness) and I really
enjoyed it! Thanks for the song!

Glad you enjoyed 'its a day'!!! If there are any problems downloading music from this site please let us know via this message board. Cheers, keep rockin with toxic, tell your friends!



Enjoy the tasty E numbers! Sorry we had to edit your message!

Fan box 2012

Yo, I read in HEAT magazine that there are a couple of new
songs in the pipeline. Also is it true that Bandy has made a take over bid for virgin????

Its true, toxic are set to release more songs shortly, including a beautiful rock ballad...! As for Bandy and virgins... no comment.


if you keep saying this about him i will deck you

Toxic thanks you for the random threat. Please come again!


Your mothers son

Cryptic... Do you actually have any comment to make? Thanks for visiting toxic anyway! rock on!

stop stay this stuff

stop stay this stuff about bandy

Are you friends with lauren, because you're both rather cryptic? If toxic has upset you please visit Bandy is a God, and can take any thing that is thrown at him. Toxic!


Glad to see you're still rocking donkey stylee.

yet another die hard toxic fan... we're honoued by your unrelenting loyalty and ultimate bravery after the tragic demise of donkey... we rock because donkey rocked.


Great stuff!

Cheers Tony! Congrats, you are the fan of the month! You have won the honour of a home page mention! There is no prize better than honour!


Hello guys, I am from Cardiff when are you playing in
Glamorgan. Any of you at CCMD?

Hey Kenzo143, hope you're enjoying the toxic rock! No gig dates have been released yet, keep checking the site for more details! Our last gig at Glamorgan was awesome so we'd love to play there again soon!

lowri williams

Donkey is cool when are you playing glamorgan union? is it in
freshers week? x

R.I.P Donkey... Details of gigs are available at the union desk. Just ask for Toxic flammable gas mixture!

1st year drinkin

Hi guys interesting sound, any of you doing Media Production
degree by any chance?

Thanks, toxic pride themselves on remaining 'interesting' !!!
None of us have done Media production at uni im afraid. We just rock! All production is courtesy of Tom the mixer man.


That is so funny any more. P.S when you playing the union?

Cheers! New songs are on the way! The album is being mixed, expect new songs soon! Ask for toxic at the union desk for gig info!

adelaide brown

dont mess with the sound. sweet

Thanks, all sounds will remain toxified. Your interest in the new album is appreciated.

Meredith Phillips

Very refreshing. You guys rock!

Thanks Meredith, we think YOU rock!


Kiora !!
This band rocks my non existant socks :), it makes me smile

boogie woogie woogie woogie, kiora! Your comment rocked our socks off! We have a full new album if your interested! Let us know via these boards!