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Welcome to the home of Toxic Flammable Gas Mixture, quite possibly the greatest rock band of the donkey comedy genre ever to have rocked this planet.

2005 Toxic Flammable Gas Mixture

The latest album from Toxic.

The new toxic album!

News: Updated 14/04/08 Two members of Toxic were arrested after the concert last night in Sweden for disorderly conduct. They have been released on bail. Check back for further details.

The History

Welcome to the official website of Toxic Flammable Gas Mixture. Toxic rock is a blend of comedy and rock, we call it comedy rock, enjoy! The Toxic journey began in 2002 over many drinks, as all good things do... We owe it all to Oranjeboom, at 8 cans for a fiver you cant go wrong.

Toxic Flammable Gas Mixture are:

Badman: Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Bandy: Bass and Vocals
Beno: Lead Guitar
Matt: Drums

The Toxic EP 2005

China. NEW SONG!

Two tonnes of regret. NEW SONG!

Christmas donkey. NEW SONG!

Its a Day!

Little friend

If you would like to comment on the music please visit the message boards! If you would like to buy the album, just register your interest and include your email address on the message boards! Thanks for rockin with toxic!

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